Cars and Professional Employer Organizations

Often times, when we present the concept of a professional employer organization (PEO) to a prospective client, they just don’t seem to understand the positive impact that a co-employment relationship would have on their business.  This is likely attributable to the fact that they simply have never heard of a PEO.  Even though thousands of companies and millions of employees use the services of a PEO, there are many more that have never been exposed to the idea and therefore, dismiss the opportunity.  This is really not that surprising since the industry doesn’t date back more than 60 years, and didn’t really gain popularity until about 25 years ago.  Being based in Southeast Michigan, home of the automobile capital of the world, we often try to explain the relationship by using an automobile analogy.

For companies that handle their own payroll, human resources, and other employee administrative tasks in-house, we compare their processes to someone that is simply walking down the road.  The method is slow, they are unprotected from the elements, and it’s not always the most efficient way to get from point A to point B.  Not to mention, if they were to get hit along the way, the outcome would likely be catastrophic.

For those companies that utilize a payroll service, we compare their process to the use of a bicycle.  It will get you to where you want to be much faster than walking and you can let the bike do most of the work, but it is still not the most efficient method of transportation along our highways.  Similarly, if you were to get hit on a bike, the damages would still be significant.

If, in addition to a payroll service, the company outsources some basic human resources support and other employee administrative functions, they have moved on to a motorcycle.  It is certainly fast enough, but the same concern remains.  Are you really well protected if there’s an incident?

When the company eventually learns of PEOs and starts doing business with a PEO, we compare their decision to that of riding down the road in the comfort of an automobile specifically designed for them.  They have graduated to a form of transportation that is safe, fast, reliable, and provides significantly greater protection from the elements.

Now, everybody knows that not all automobiles are the same.  Whether you are looking for something that’s sleeker, safer, faster, or simply something affordable, there is certainly a lot of variety to choose from.  But what if you could get all of these features at the same time?  What if you could trade your walking shoes in for the car of your dreams and still get money back?  This is certainly possible with UAP.  We offer better performance by only hiring skilled and certified employees who focus on customer service.  We use high-tech solutions and state-of-the-art technology to get our clients the results they need faster, better, and still at the best costs available on the market today.  We even offer significantly more protection than others in the industry by including in-house legal advice and representation, plus a $1-million employment practices liability insurance policy to protect all of our clients.  We do all of this, and much more, while saving you money and an incredible amount of time when compared to navigating and surviving the elements associated with managing employees on your own.

Once a company learns about PEOs and decides it’s time to stop walking and get a car, it only makes sense to get the best: UAP.