An experienced retirement and 401k company

Whether or not you offer a retirement plan to your employees can be the deciding factor on whether they continue working for you or start working for your competitor. With UAP, this does not have to be a difficult or costly decision. You tell us what you want and we handle the rest. The best part is, since we already have a multiple-employer plan, it doesn’t cost you anything to offer this opportunity to your employees.

UAP works with the most well-known and highest performing fund families available, including American Funds,  Vanguard, BlackRock, Fidelity, T Rowe Price, Franklin, and more.

UAP lets you choose the plan you want, including safe harbor and profit-sharing plans. You also set the parameters for employee eligibility.

UAP will notify your employees when they are eligible to participate, as well as process the necessary paperwork, making this a truly hassle-free benefit for the employer.

These costs alone can prevent an employer from offering a 401k plan to their employees, which is why UAP’s 401k plan is such a simple choice.  UAP has a 401k multiple-employer plan. This means you don’t have to worry about any employer-related costs or responsibilities regarding your employees’ 401k.  We take care of it for you!

About our 401k programs and services

UAP includes 401k administration in our services. While you do not need to enroll in our 401k program, utilizing UAP’s multiple-employer plan can have a lot of advantages.  Often times there is a significant savings when comparing a single-employer plan to a multiple-employer plan. Also, if you use UAP’s plan, there is no cost for audits, 5500 filings, or other associated costs that you, as the employer, would have to pay.

Plan highlights

  • 8 fund families
  • 35 funds
  • 3 managed portfolios
  • Customized plan (including age at entry, waiting period, matching contributions, and so much more)
  • Comprehensive enrollment materials
  • Quarterly statements

Additional highlights

  • On-line and phone access to accounts
  • Safe harbor and profit sharing
  • Fund selection advice
  • Participant loan provision
  • Tax withholding and reporting
  • Educational enrollment meetings