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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “The management of a typical small to medium sized business devotes from 7% to 25% of its time to employee-related matters…” With UAP, you can give yourself back this time. Our team of professionals could save you and your current staff a tremendous amount of time by handling the administrative side of managing employees.  The administration of employee tasks doesn’t make money for your business and you could better use your time for productive endeavors.

Time is money, and the time UAP can save you has monetary benefits for your business.  Some of the time-consuming tasks that UAP can perform for you are:

  • Complete government paperwork and verifications
  • Research changes in compliance regulations
  • Background screening
  • Respond to unemployment claims
  • Shop for workers’ compensation coverage
  • Prepare for workers’ compensation audits
  • Administer workers’ compensation claims
  • Shop for and enroll employees in medical benefits
  • Reconcile premiums and remit insurance payments
  • Notify employees of a qualifying event
  • Receive, reconcile, and remit COBRA payments
  • Enroll employees and their dependents in COBRA
  • Administer section 125 plan
  • Maintain employee personnel files
  • Calculate gross payroll
  • Calculate federal withholding
  • Calculate and deduct payroll taxes
  • Make withholding deposits
  • Make FICA deposits
  • Make state unemployment deposits
  • Correct errors on payroll, deposits, entries, etc.
  • Re-issue lost checks
  • Issue stop payments on lost checks
  • Process and pay garnishments
  • Generate and issue W-2s
  • File the 940 and 941 reports
  • Reconcile the 941s and W-2s
  • Reconcile payroll checks
  • New hire reporting
  • Track PTO, vacation, and sick time

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