Payroll services from UAP

We meet with business owners who have had all kinds of experiences with processing payroll in the past.  In general, their thoughts on the issue can usually be described as one of the following:

  1. We are already outsourcing and we know that it’s the best way to handle our needs.
  2. We tried outsourcing and it didn’t work out.
  3. We have always processed payroll in-house. It works for us and we have no interest in changing.

For answer #1 above, if you currently outsource, UAP would be a seamless transition for you.  Click here to see what sets UAP apart from the rest.  Plus, unlike a typical payroll company, you would receive all of our added benefits.  For answer #2 or #3 above, if you have tried outsourcing before or have never considered it, UAP can be a great option for you as well. Our customized approach allows you to choose a self-service option where you maintain full control over your payroll, you can add new employees, change pay rates, etc., just as you do now without losing control.  We also utilize the leading payroll software in the industry, capable of processing the most complicated of payrolls.  Given the capabilities of our software and the customization of our services, there is no doubt that UAP can be a good fit for you and your business.  With UAP, you can save money, save time, and attract top talent.  Below are some of the many things our payroll service will provide.

UAP delivers on-time and flawless payroll every pay period.  Our system is flawless in part due to our unique triple-check system utilizing ISO 9001 Quality Management. You will have access to hundreds of payroll reports at your fingertips 24/7.  Eliminate the cost and overhead of maintaining check stock, MICR printer cartridges, payroll software updates, etc.

Calculating and submitting payroll taxes can be time consuming and there’s always the burden of making sure they are submitted accurately and on time. UAP will handle all the reporting of your state, federal, and local payroll taxes, eliminating any accounting fees you may currently be paying for quarterly and annual filings. Additionally, having UAP absorb this liability means you no longer have to worry about the hefty penalties assessed for late or inaccurate payments.  We handle it all.

With UAP’s direct deposit and pay cards, there will be no more lost or stolen checks. UAP provides a no-cost option for employees to receive their wages through 100% direct deposit.  For employees without a bank account, UAP provides a no-cost VISA card and sends their payroll wages directly to the card.

UAP collects and issues payments for all Friend of the Court (FOC) assessments, tax levies, and other garnishments so you don’t have to.

With UAP, you can access employee information, payroll information, customized reports, and so much more from anywhere at any time.  You can make changes, build and submit time sheets, and even view and approve employee time-off requests.

Current clients and employees: your online payroll system is a click away: Click HERE to get online now!

Simplify your onboarding process by having your employees complete and submit their new hire paperwork online with fillable forms so that you remain compliant with federal and state requirements.

Employers are required by law to report all new hires within 20 days of hire. UAP will do this for you.

UAP processes W-2s at no additional cost, and mails them to each employee before January 31st each year.  UAP will also handle any lost W-2s for the employees.

Employees: if you need a replacement W-2 or if you need to submit a new address so you receive your W-2, click here.

UAP can help establish polices while our robust payroll system manages all of your tracking needs.  Our system allows for an unlimited number of time-off types and set-ups.  Employee pay stubs let employees know how much time they have used, and how much time off they still have remaining.

Since UAP has records of your employee and payroll information, we can complete employment verifications for your employees so you don’t have to.

UAP processes dozens of union reports for clients each month.  We build custom computer programs to pull the union data directly from our payroll system and print the results directly on any type of union form.  These reports get submitted to the unions with payment.  Whether you need same day union checks or union benefit reporting, that’s no problem. UAP has you covered.

UAP’s payroll department can assist you with processing certified payroll and the associated requirements.

Want to see job costs broken down by position or department? UAP can provide you with these specialized reports with every payroll.

UAP provides professional, comprehensive payroll services

Whether you currently outsource your payroll or process it in-house, UAP has a solution for you to simplify your current processes, while saving you time and money.  If you currently handle your own payroll, partnering with UAP will allow you to re-direct your staff’s efforts toward money making tasks while we handle the administrative payroll burdens. Our customized approach allows you to pick the level of service that is right for you.  If you currently have a payroll provider, UAP can assist you one step further by actually reducing your payroll liability.

Our robust system can handle it all, including...

  • Dozens of special pay types and deductions
  • Multiple tier job and department costing
  • Certified payroll
  • Multi-state duty days
  • Custom union reporting
  • Same day checks
  • Reimbursement expense logs
  • Multiple locations or invoices
  • Multiple frequency periods
  • Minimum wage balancing
  • Accounting general ledger (GL) integrations to manage costs
  • Track PTO, sick time, and vacation time with multiple tiers
  • Multiple user log-ins with different security options and tiers

With UAP’s online system, you can...

  • View, add, delete, or change employees’ data
  • Perform deduction maintenance
  • View year-to-date totals for benefits, pay codes, and deductions
  • Enter employees’ timesheet data
  • View or create payroll and HR reports
  • Process new hires and terminations
  • View and print administrative forms
  • View and print employees’ pay stubs and history
  • Set deadlines and email reminders for employees to submit all required new hire paperwork
  • Enter and track employee reviews and trainings
  • Post company announcements either company-wide or for specific employees
  • View and approve employee requests for days off of work
  • Create thousands of custom reports with the on-line report writer

With UAP’s online system, your employees can...

  • View and change their personal data
  • View and change their tax exemptions
  • View and change benefits selections (open enrollment)
  • View your employee handbook and policies
  • View and print employment forms
  • View their pay history and check stubs
  • View and change their 401k selections
  • View their check stubs directly from their email account
  • Submit requests for time off of work to be approved by management

Looking for something not listed?