Learn more about the expertise of the UAP staff

UAP is built on a team of certified professionals in payroll, workers’ compensation, human resources, and benefits. We only hire highly skilled, certified, and experienced representatives to assist our clients. UAP works tirelessly to make sure that you and your staff have every tool you need to be a success. This professional work ethic is what has given us the reputation of having the highest level of customer service in the industry for over 19 years.

We know that when you have a question, you don’t want to wait for an answer. With UAP, you won’t have to.  Over half of our staff has cared for UAP’s clients for more than 10 years, giving them the experience that you are looking for when it comes to questions regarding payroll, workers’ compensation, human resources, and benefits.  We take great care in making sure that we have knowledgeable staff here to support you the first time you call rather than bouncing you around from representative to representative.

Our clients are the foundation of our business. If we did not give our very best and offer the very best, UAP would not have the history of long-lasting relationships that we have with our clients.  But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what our clients have to say.