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Many business owners start out believing that outsourcing their payroll, workers’ compensation, human resources, and benefits to a PEO will create an unnecessary expense for their business.  Once we review an employer’s true labor costs, however, the employer will realize that the fees charged for UAP’s services are more than offset by the net savings.  UAP is not just for big employers seeking top performing professionals to manage certain aspects of their business.  UAP can benefit any employer looking for a smart and efficient process to run their business and improve their bottom line.  The items listed below are just some of the cost savings that come with being a UAP client.

  • Eliminate increasing workers’ compensation premiums. By using economies of scale and providing workers’ compensation insurance for our total client base, we have access to different workers’ compensation markets which may not be available to smaller employers.
  • Eliminate workers’ compensation experience modification factors (mods) and surcharges. Any time you have an injury on your own policy, your experience mod as well as your premiums will go up.  For many companies, these workers’ compensation increases result in never-ending and needless increased costs.  By placing your employees on UAP’s workers’ compensation policy, injuries go against our policy, not yours.  This allows your workers’ compensation experience modification factor to drop back down despite having injuries.
  • Eliminate workers’ compensation down payment.  UAP does not collect a workers’ compensation deposit from you.  You get to keep the workers’ compensation deposit money in your pocket.  Additionally, if you have an existing workers’ compensation deposit from a previous policy, those funds will be returned to you.
  • Eliminate audits.  Since your employees are on UAP’s workers’ compensation policy, we handle the audits at our office. Our clients do not have to participate in the workers’ compensation audits and are not in danger of paying additional premiums as a result of a workers’ compensation audit.
  • Eliminate costs for employee benefits administration. UAP handles the administration of your employee benefits at no additional cost, including collecting the premium amounts from the employee checks, sending in the payments, processing terminations to prevent premium leakage, etc. Also, since we have group supplemental plans already available, your employees can take advantage of these plans with no minimum participation.
  • Eliminate accounting fees for quarterly and annual payroll tax filings. We handle it all.
  • Eliminate insurance enrollment costs, including employee materials.
  • Eliminate direct deposit and check cashing fees.
  • Eliminate cost for check stock, MICR ink printing cartridges, and envelopes.
  • Eliminate cost for software updates.
  • Eliminate cost for W-2s.
  • Eliminate cost for storing employee files and records.
  • Eliminate the cost of an outside payroll service if you currently outsource payroll. Or, if you are handling payroll and HR internally, you can redirect your staff’s efforts toward money-making tasks and let UAP handle the administrative burdens.
  • Eliminate cost for implementing and updating an employee handbook.
  • Eliminate 401(k) plan costs by rolling over your current plan into our multiple-employer plan – no cost for audits, 5500 filings, or other associated costs that you, as the employer, would have to pay.
  • Eliminate premiums and deductibles for employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). UAP provides you with up to $1 million in EPLI coverage when using our human resources advice program.  UAP attorneys also assist you with employment law claims if they arise after following our recommendations.

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