Workers' compensation services from UAP

Making changes to workers’ compensation insurance policies are rarely at the top of the list for many business owners. It takes time to research, review, and process, which is why so many just stick with what they have. Often, businesses leave it to their agent, who they have trusted for many years, to find the best deal for them.  Are you missing out on thousands of dollars in savings because no one is proactively working to get you the best workers’ compensation insurance policy?  UAP provides workers’ compensation solutions to handle issues such as experience modification factors (known as “mods”), surcharges, renewals, audits, and the headache of managing your own policy. By adding your employees to our existing policy, you are relieved of all these problems.  The difference with UAP is that, by using our policy, you are no longer chained to your own high rate, providing a legal way to see drastic cost savings.  Since it is UAP’s policy, you no longer have to worry about preparing for a workers’ compensation audit or the lump sum payments for deposits and audit premiums. Our knowledgeable workers’ compensation team administers your claims and assists your employees through every step of the process.

UAP provides workers’ compensation coverage to all of your employees. We only work with A-rated carriers with fully insured plans.  We can offer coverage in all 50 states.

Are you currently in compliance with all federal safety regulations and maintaining all required postings? UAP will make sure you are.

Our HR experts will carefully audit all of your injuries and determine if an injury is OSHA-recordable or not. We provide accurate OSHA 300A logs for clients to post before the February 1st deadline and we can provide OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 data upon request. If you are a qualified employer, we will also enter your OSHA log data on your behalf online to OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application by the date required.

UAP will work with you to identify and reduce risk factors to decrease the number of future injuries, claims, and time spent away from work.  We can even help motivate your employees to practice proper safety procedures by recommending everything from safety incentives to return to work programs.

UAP has a team of workers’ compensation professionals ready to assist you with your employees’ workers’ compensation claims. They work with you, the provider, and the employees to facilitate follow-up appointments and a timely return to work. They also make sure employees receive the benefits that they are entitled to and process all invoices.

UAP has individual state policies and a national policy so your employees are always covered.

UAP will create a comprehensive and customized safety training program and safety manual made just for your business.

Take advantage of UAP's experience

When you team up with UAP, we place your employees on our existing workers’ compensation policy and eliminate the headaches associated with maintaining your own policy.  You no longer have to research and shop for your own workers’ compensation coverage, prepare for workers’ compensation audits, or pay hefty deposits or audit premiums.  Additionally, we get larger percentage discounts due to our giant and growing national workers’ compensation policy.  We then pass the resulting workers’ compensation savings on to you, enabling smaller businesses to benefit from the same workers’ compensation rates typically only available to much larger companies.  Your rates with UAP are locked in, so a reported injury is not going to result in an increased workers’ compensation rate.  Join thousands across the country who have taken advantage of UAP’s  workers’ compensation savings opportunity for over two decades.

Benefits of working with UAP

  • Customized certificates of insurance usually within an hour
  • UAP can provide low experience mod letters to help your business get additional jobs
  • Post-injury drug screens
  • Accident investigations, including fraudulent claims
  • Bill verification and payment processing

More benefits

  • OSHA reporting for serious injuries or deaths
  • Electronic reporting of OSHA 300 and 301 data
  • Verify proper classification codes
  • Recommendations for accommodating modified duty
  • Recommendations for disciplining or terminating employment post-injury