Testimonials from UAP's satisfied clients

UAP has assisted a wide range of clients, from small to larger businesses in all types of industries. Although our clients’ needs vary greatly, one constant is the superior service provided by UAP.  We provide high-tech programs and systems, and unparalleled customer service, giving us a reputation as one of the industry’s leading PEOs. See what our clients have to say about working with UAP.

Utilizing UAP was definitely a great decision. Transitioning to your service was seamless. Your staff has been available and ready to answer all of my questions. I know I have called numerous times regarding the same topics and there is always a helpful person to assist me. In addition to this, you have been available to discuss employment related matters. It is nice to know we have HR experts as well as UAP’s HR attorneys just a phone call away. UAP has been quick to help us create and implement an employee handbook and set up a paid time off tracking system. We’ve been with you for over 10 years, and we look forward to working with you for our next 10 years.
K. H.
General Manager
I just wanted to let you know what a great decision it has been to start using the services of UAP. Your service is so much better than what we were using before. There is always someone ready and willing to answer our staff’s questions. Employees especially like being able to contact UAP directly. You have worked with several of our employees and helped them out with the insurance. Our employees have called you for help sorting out billing issues, assistance filling prescriptions and you have answered general questions regarding the health plan. Since coming on board with UAP you have provided several management training sessions, including: team building, customer service and accident prevention. Having your employees come to us to present this material to our managers has been a wonderful perk. We have enjoyed the presentations and interactive exercises. It is a nice touch to follow up the trainings with a certificate of completion for each employee which we can keep on file and provide to our employees. UAP has also created and conducted a customized employee climate survey. We are glad you were able to assist us with all our HR issues. Working with UAP has been a great experience. Please feel free to use me as a reference.
M. C.
Operations Manager
Thank you for the quick turnaround in getting our company set up. We’ve had you doing our payroll for a while now and have found your company to be very knowledgeable. Even our special requests were handled professionally. Your staff returns calls promptly, and when we have questions, they are able to answer them usually in the first call. We are very happy with our choice in using you. UAP certainly is the authority on all matters. Our affiliation is sure to continue for many years.
N. C.
We have never experienced the flexibility that UAP offers prior to working with them. Regardless of whether we are in the office, on vacation, or even out of state visiting family, they provide options to get payroll done without delay. They really simplify the whole process. When we would have a question, other payroll providers would direct us to their site and have us try to figure out what happened on our own. With UAP, all we have to do is pick up the phone and they take care of any question we have right then and there. They really make us feel like taking care of our needs is their main focus.
Office Manager
We are very happy with the outstanding service we receive from United American Payroll. All of your employees are so friendly. We can always count on quick responses to all of our questions. UAP helped us establish an employee handbook. This is something we have needed for some time. UAP was quick to put our handbook in place and it did not consume a lot of time on our part. We would be happy to recommend United American Payroll to anyone who can benefit from your services. Please feel free to have any of your prospective clients give us a call. We would like the opportunity to share the great experiences we have had since pairing with UAP.
M. S.
UAP has helped our company in so many ways. They administer our unemployment and workers compensation claims. Their experienced staff handles these claims and keep us updated. There are not enough hours in the day for us to run our business and respond to these types of claims. We would have to hire more employees. UAP is quick and efficient. We fax over our payroll and UAP immediately sends us our invoice. They have also provided advice on human resources matters. Over the years, it has been nice to be able to work with the same employees at UAP. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with UAP and we will continue using their services.
P. L.
It occurred to me the other day that your company has surpassed my expectations for a PEO. In the past, we knew the key people at places we did business with, but could never keep track of the folks that were in place to handle the transactions. I’m impressed that the employee turnover at your office is slim to none. I don’t think we’ve changed a contact person’s name on our list of folks to call over there since UAP took over in 2004. That certainly says something for what you are about. Again, your company presence is impressive; keep up the great work.
M. B.
Since we made the decision to use the services of UAP everything has been going wonderfully. UAP’s turnaround time is great. The workers' compensation certificates come over so quickly. If I ask one person for something and they are unable to help they make sure the right person gets back with me to provide answers. I can tell you all communicate and work together. It has been a pleasure working with you.
S. R.
Office Manager
Our experience with UAP has been wonderful. They are quick to respond to all of our requests. It is so nice to be able to direct our team members to UAP for answers about payroll, benefits, workers' compensation and unemployment. There is always a friendly voice ready to answer our questions and every time our team members call, they get the information they need. It is nice to know we have a team of HR experts who are just a phone call away. We have been more than satisfied with UAP. The services they offer have more than surpassed our expectations.
M. R.
Chief Financial Officer
The initiative was ours to have UAP come on board. Once in place, UAP provided more avenues to retain employees that were not opportune previously due to the size of the staff. The freedom from processing workers' compensation claims or even the taxes involved when having employees has enriched the profitability of all our departments. We now have more time to develop our own strategies. We found United American Payroll to integrate seamlessly into our organization. Our goals were to have this transaction take approximately a month, but UAP was able to meet and exceed all of our needs, while completing the transaction in less than two weeks. Our payrolls have never been late and have always been correct. We have enjoyed the well-developed internet access for all reports and maintenance. We hope to continue this business relationship with UAP for many years to come.
G. W.
Director of Operations
We have learned so much from UAP since we started using your services. Your staff is certainly experienced in Human Resources. UAP has answered questions about taxes, insurance audits, employment related issues and much more. It is nice to know we have someone to call when we have questions about employment related matters. This way we leave these items to the experts and I can focus on my business which is what I want to do. UAP implemented our employee handbook and also administers our employee benefits. The savings on the benefits is one of the main reasons we elected UAP. We are so grateful to have UAP and we mention your service whenever the opportunity arises. If you ever need us to make a personal introduction, we would be more than happy to.
K. Z.
Working with UAP has been more beneficial to our business than we would have ever thought. We have used various vendors before; however, we did not know what we were missing until we experienced the professionalism and customer service provided by UAP. They are always prompt and precise on all requests. In fact, I recently inquired about creating a safety manual and within days I received a customized, comprehensive safety manual delivered right to my office. Knowing this team of professionals is working for us on a daily basis is invaluable. We no longer have to worry about updating OSHA logs because they are sent right to us. We no longer have to follow-up on background checks or invoicing because UAP takes care of this for us. They even found a health insurance plan that worked for us and our employees. The list goes on. They really do it all and we could not be happier .
We have been a client of UAP for over 16 years. They have been wonderful the entire time. Whenever I need anything all I do is simply give them a call and there is always a friendly employee to help me out. We appreciate that UAP promptly returns all of our calls and takes the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. I like to pick up my payroll at their office. It gives me a chance to visit and say a quick hello to the staff. Our payrolls are always on time and correct. The payroll system is easy to use. Thanks to UAP we have been able to focus more on our business.
M. P.
Vice President
I am writing to let you know how glad I am we have teamed up with you. Our insurance agent introduced us to your service and this is a great pairing. Since becoming a client everything has been running smoothly. Your staff responds to all of our requests immediately. Whether we call or email you always have someone to help us out. We were excited to implement the employee handbook you put together for us. Working with UAP has been a fantastic experience. We are looking forward to a long relationship. If you ever want to use me as a reference please do not hesitate to do so.
P. M.
I know that our company has worked with UAP for many years and after my recent experiences, I can see why. In a very short time, I had to familiarize myself with the payroll process and wasn’t really sure where to start. UAP quickly helped me understand the entire payroll process. Their team was patient to answer all of my questions and I just want to sincerely thank all of you for being so kind and helpful. If it wasn’t for all of your help with payroll processing and creating detailed job costing reports, I never would have been able to take the time to go on vacation. It is so nice to know that payroll is not something I need to worry about. You have really helped mainstream the whole process and eliminate unnecessary work for me and my staff. I just can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for us.
Director of Marketing
Our business is somewhat seasonal so it’s reassuring to know that when our season picks up and things get busy United American Payroll is there to help. Signing on as a client with UAP was definitely a great decision. UAP’s dedicated team quickly replies to all of our requests. When we call there is always a friendly person to help with all of our questions. We never have to handle unemployment and workers' compensation claims. UAP protests all unemployment claims when an employee should not be eligible to collect benefits. They also follow workers' compensation claims from the date of injury until the employee is released to full duty. Whenever we need an update, they immediately provide one. UAP handling both the unemployment and workers' compensation claims has allowed us to spend more time on our business. There are other companies out there that do the same type of work, but no one does it like UAP! Keep up the great work. If you ever need a reference, I would be more than happy to provide one. Your potential clients can call me personally for a reference.
E. F.
Office Manager
It is clear that deciding to use the services of UAP has been a great decision. When questions arise that I need assistance with, your staff is always more than helpful. Our requests are responded to in a timely and professional manner. The difference between UAP and our previous service is like night and day, there is no comparison. We have never had an employee climate survey done while we have been in business. UAP took the time to come to our office and conduct the survey and provided us with results and recommendations based on the survey. UAP has also provided management training. The topics were very informative and the information provided was useful. Everyone is very helpful whenever I call. Everything runs very smoothly, especially payroll. You and your staff really have been great, and a pleasure to work with.
L. B.
Office Manager
We’ve been with other companies before and no company has provided the level of service that we get from United American Payroll. Other companies would send out a sales rep when we signed on and then we would never see another representative from their company again. That is not the case with UAP. You regularly send out representatives who genuinely want to know how we feel about the service we are getting and want to know what else you can do to help. I love that! When I call UAP for anything everyone is always very sweet on the phone. If the person I ask for is not available, there is always someone else who can help me. If I leave a message or ask for information, I can expect that I’ll get a call back right away. This is a consistent service at UAP. Everything is outstanding right down to the safety updates and posters you provide. That’s a huge thing to me because it saves me a lot of time and money. I used to spend time looking up information and ordering the updated materials myself. Thank you, UAP, for everything you do. It’s a pleasure working with you.
G. R.
Human Resource Administrator
United American Payroll has been a fantastic addition to our staff. In working with them, we cut internal costs, especially since they handle more than just payroll and benefits. When we have had layoffs or terminations, we have not had to handle any of the unemployment. We simply let the claims process and UAP handles the rest. United American Payroll also took the non-legitimate claims and fought them. With the way the unemployment rates are changing, this is going to save us money for many years to come. The checks are done perfectly every week and I never have to think about doing a tax deposit or worry that I forgot to file a form. They even walked us through closing our tax accounts, they handle this for us now too. That’s more savings! It’s been an absolute pleasure to use the hassle-free services provided by United American Payroll for the past 15 years. Thank you for everything.
K. F.
HR Coordinator
Thank you for providing the excellent service that you do. Every time I call, I get exactly what I need. I recently inquired about offering AFLAC to my employees. I was immediately sent a sample package and an enrollment meeting was scheduled for the following week. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. The likelihood of continuing the use of your services is very good. I have more time to focus on growing my business. In fact, now we’ve outgrown our facility and we’re shopping for a larger space so we can continue to grow. Keep up the good work.
S. S.
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with the services you provide for our company. You supply whatever we need, from regulatory posters to customized policies. Our new vacation and holiday policies are exactly what we wanted. In addition to this, the monthly benefit packages memos you send help ensure employees are enrolled by their eligibility date. Your staff does a wonderful job and you always manage to stay in touch with us. We appreciate that you take the time to make sure we are happy with UAP. Just the other day your HR Manager visited. I had requested some forms be posted on our website and this was done right away. It is evident UAP makes every effort to ensure their clients are satisfied. We currently have three other companies, and they all use the excellent services of UAP. If we were ever to start another company, you can be sure UAP would be a valued member of our team.
K. M.
We know we made a great choice when we decided to use the services of UAP. We can’t imagine it being any easier. Prior to teaming up with UAP many employees had problems with our previous service. Now that we are on board with UAP our employees are not experiencing these troubles anymore. You have allowed us to process payroll quickly. We are so happy that we are no longer spending unnecessary hours trying to get our payroll done. The time we now spend on payroll has dropped drastically. Your staff is always willing to answer our questions, regardless of how insignificant they may be. In addition to this you have provided on-site management training and over-the-phone consultation from your HR Experts. UAP is certainly a good fit for our company. You treat us well and we greatly appreciate it.
T. M.
We have been doing business with UAP for over 10 years now. In that time, we have been very fortunate to not have many employee issues that would require legal advice. However, we recently had to call on UAP’s legal team for a recommendation on how to properly handle a sensitive situation. UAP and their employment law attorneys took immediate action to make sure that our employee and our business were protected. They took care of everything and it cost us nothing. Aside from the daily services and conveniences that UAP provides, this is one that we are especially thankful for and is just another reason why we will continue to work with UAP for many years to come.
Office Manager
With the close of our first year with UAP coming up, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your service is. Even with the short weeks, payroll is never delayed. Everyone there is always friendly and willing to answer my questions. Your staff has been diligently in contact with me to finalize our employee handbook. It provides me peace of mind to know that I can contact your payroll and HR specialists for my company’s needs. When I send something over to you it is addressed immediately. Thanks for all of your dedication towards my business needs.
K. C.
Working with the staff at UAP has been such a pleasure, since they follow-up on outstanding issues with professional confidence. The staff has never steered me wrong. Having my questions answered timely has always been a requirement when outsourcing my payroll and benefits and your team went the extra mile. They always respond immediately. If they don’t have the answer in the first contact, they get back to me within that same day! You can’t get that type of service anymore, but it’s greatly appreciated, don’t stop. UAP made a lot of promises when we started all of this, which I take seriously. You have more than met every promise satisfactorily and even threw in a few things I never took into consideration. You have significantly reduced the amount of time we used to spend on setting up payroll with other companies as well as cut our administrative issues down to nothing. For our employees without bank accounts, you even gave them VISA pay-cards at no cost to have their payroll deposited to their card each week. How can I complain when there is nothing wrong? Our business certainly has had a savings in those areas, in which we’ve put back into the company for other purposes. We’ve found this switch not to be lateral, but a very welcomed step up in great service, time and money savings, and more expertise than we ever expected.
J. T.
We wanted to share our appreciation for the job that UAP is doing for us. We have been able to focus more on other aspects of our company, without dealing with all the paperwork involved with our employment crew. We are very happy to have you taking care of our workers' compensation and unemployment – two of the most complicated and time-consuming areas in our industry. When you add that to the fact that you are processing our payroll, taking care of the reporting and paying taxes on time, we can only keep adding value to your presence to our organization. Having been utilizing PEO’s for many years, we are greatly impressed with the caliber of staff at UAP. When questions arise, there is more than one person to handle and answer them. The entire staff at UAP has been pleasant and very capable and for that we are thankful.
G. K.
We are a newer client of UAP’s, but we can already see what a wonderful choice it was to start using their services. Any time I need anything UAP is right on it. Their employees are friendly and promptly respond to all requests. When HR questions arise that I need some assistance with, the staff is always more than helpful. It is nice to know help is only a phone call away. Recently they reviewed our employee handbook and recommended numerous changes. It’s nice to know that our handbook is reviewed and edited by UAP’s employment law attorneys. We also have peace of mind knowing that those same attorneys are protecting us from any potential employee issues at no additional cost. We appreciate all of the hard work UAP does.
A. W.
Since we have started with UAP, everything has been running smoothly. All of UAP’s employees are nice and answer all of our questions. We have been extremely satisfied with their services. UAP helped us set up our DOT drug and alcohol testing and we just had our first random drawing. They also provided us with a revised Equal Employment poster. We were sent a notice indicating the poster had been changed and we needed to post the newest version. They are also assisting us with creating a new employee handbook. It is nice to know UAP is there to help us stay in compliance.
T. B.
We have been using the outstanding services of UAP for quite some time now. Every year we shop around for rates and services provided by other companies but we always end up back at UAP. Their staff provides excellent service and they are always quick to answer our questions no matter how big or how small. They provide us with helpful reports customized to our business so that together we can monitor activity in areas that can save us a lot of money such as unemployment and workers' compensation. Our company is growing and we are planning on adding many new employees in the near future. With the help of United American Payroll, I am sure this growth spurt will be painless.
R. W.
Operations Manager