What is Quiet Quitting?

Have you had experience working with employees who are always going above and beyond and will lend a hand whenever it is needed? Quiet Quitting is the exact opposite. It is the act of employees doing just the bare minimum to get by. Many employees who take part in the quiet quitting trend do so because they believe their work-life balance is unequal, and they are giving more of themselves to the job than they are to their personal life.

Employees who participate in quiet quitting will continue with their job duties but are much less likely to attend non-mandatory meetings, come to work early, or stay late.  This is certainly undesirable for most employers since it can be difficult to define all of the expectations of one’s job.  Companies need the employees that will step up to take on the “extra” work that is required. Quiet quitters will only do what is defined in their workload, thus creating a heavier load for their coworkers.


How can you prevent Quiet Quitting?

One way to prevent your employees from participating in the quiet quitting trend is to make the workplace enjoyable. Encourage your employees to let you know when something is bothering them.  Let them know you have an open-door policy. These minor considerations can encourage even the most reserved employees to let you know they are struggling.

Giving employees incentives for working, beyond their regular salary, is another way to prevent quiet quitting. Having company-wide outings, offering bonuses, and creating a low-stress work environment are a few more ways to avoid the quiet quitting trend.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as finding tasks that align with your employees’ interests. If some of your employees enjoy working with and helping others, creating a group aspect to their position could make a positive impact. Understanding your employees and what their struggles are will help them feel seen by the company and, in turn, decrease their feeling of social fatigue.

If you feel your business may be at risk of employees engaging in quiet quitting, reach out to the HR specialists at UAP today.